IntaxicationThe euphoria of receiving a tax refund which lasts until you realize it was your money to start with.

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When is paying less actually costing you more?...
 When you don't use 1776TaxPrep..

What we'd like all customers to know is that using a CPA, Enrolled Agent, accountant or registered/experienced PTIN to prepare your taxes will usually translate into a bigger refund for you. Why? Because these people are trained and know the details of how to minimize your taxes and maximize your refund.  Understanding those details requires a specialized background. One of the best kept secrets in our industry is that many of the tax preparers at the large, well-known  chain tax preparation firms are only part-time employees and most of the time, ill-qualified to do a good job. If you were to ask them how long they've been in tax preparation they'd tell you they are only part-time employees and then only during tax season. Many of these people work as receptionists, janitors, fast-food cooks, housekeepers and in other low-paying service industries. Trained and qualified people could not afford to work for the minimal wages that these large companies pay these part-time employees. Sooner or later, you're going to read about a rogue tax preparer at one of these tax chains that has stolen private client data and sold it on the black market. The big chain preparers just can't offer you the level of competence and service that firms like ours can offer. The large tax prep chains are just too big and run by managerial bureaucrats more concerned with generating a profit for their bonus than with the quality of service they deliver to customers like you.

We use the latest technology to make filing your taxes easier than you can imagine. No matter where you are in the world you can do it from the comfort of your home; Since all of the tax preparers in our network are highly qualified CPA's, Enrolled agents, accountants and registered tax preparers you don't have to worry about poorly trained part-time people handling your sensitive financial information which is what you'll get at the large tax chain services.  No need to come by for an appointment, we can speak with you via video chat. Our network of tax preparers are knowledgeable about the latest tax changes and are trained to get you the largest refund by minimizing your tax bill. And don't forget, we make it easy and convenient.

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